The day begins early, at about 8am in enters Mr. Asharf Miiro with an ever so common morning greeting, “Mwasuze mutya eyo.” And the people available respond. Not so long after enters Mr. Joel Tibabwetiiza, with a “Good morning,” to individuals then he will take his seat. As we wait for our crowd to grow to its usual suspects Miiro will be checking his whatsapp and telling those around of the funny findings like how 0 divided by 0 is 2 or how PAPA = mama. Joel at this same moment remembers to send Solomon for cassava because he knows of a lady that does it just right.

Then the crowd grows to include Ms. Claire Nakakeeto whose morning greeting is a general, “Good morning.” to all and takes her seat to start off her work form wherever she had left it off from the previous day. Shortly after the man of the hour Mr. Solomon Musimenta enters and Joel is filled with both joy and his cassava to give him a good start to his day. Solomon’s morning greetings vary from day to day but he soon takes his seat too, gets onto the internet to look up memes or some Microsoft thing while he prepares his breakfast of Weetabix and milk. At close to 9am, in enters Ms. Esther Nakyanja, her greetings are general and said the minute her foot steps into the lab. Now the crew is almost full.

At 9am like programmed robots, everyone gets to work and there are consultations that go round. Consultations in Miiro’s direction usually start with read it up for yourself is his first reply but later he does come to the aid of the one in need. Solomon is everywhere when it comes to work, he is a mini supervisor he will check in on everyone and also help where he sees there is need to. Consultations to the rest all end in direct answers but it is just the right environment the team work is evident and overwhelmingly beautiful to behold.

At about 9:30am, in walks Mr. Kasigazi Brian. The guy with knowledge on almost everything he does a general greeting to and takes his seat next to Claire. Then as the day slowly draws to lunch the atmosphere changes to one of a hearty debate about almost anything from marital issues, to religion, to technology. The debates are diverse, how they start I have no idea I just look up and see one has begun, most people participate others just act like the audience to these people airing their views on a certain subject and here in is a learning that is much more than what a class would teach.

Lunch time, most people have their preferences in both food and who they prefer to have the food with. So there is nothing much to tell here expect for one food rule; “If you are planning on buying snacks at any point In the day please announce so whoever is interested will send you for some too”. Few have fallen to forgetting this rule and the consequences… After lunch, its business as usual.

We are not interns on our own we have supervisors and the supervisor, you met two awesome ones already Solomon and Brian and the supervisor is Mr. Tusubira David. All these guys are well vast in literary everything and know how to deliver the bitter sweet of your work when it’s still lacking because truth be told the rod is necessary at times. So to our dearest supervisors kudos to you, we greatly appreciate your effort and work you put into making us better people in all aspects. Your hours of trying to make us understand us what is happening, going online to read more it’s all worth it and trust none of it is in vain.

My fellow interns are a breath of fresh air, the motivation for work, my kind of people, ever happy people. When things get hard, they know how to hold you up and help you get through it all. You are never alone or stranded here.

Internship at iLabs@MAK is beyond the words that I could fit on this page, it’s an amazing learning environment, its gives the feel of a true work environment. The skills and knowledge we attain are the stepping stones to our so bright futures as engineers that have a passion for the fast advancements in technology. Log books and reports can’t contain all we have gathered. But our lives are and always be living proof of the kind of people that iLabs@MAK has made us.

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