The iLabs@Mak Project at Makerere University is a collaborative project between Makerere University (MAK), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), University of Dar es salaam (USDM) and Obafemi Awolowo University (0AU) that is committed to researching about the development of online Laboratories as a supplement to conventional Laboratories.

The iLabs project was started at MIT as a Microsoft Research funded project and was dedicated to the creation of a movement to develop and disseminate technology and pedagogy for sustainable and scalable iLabs so that they can be shared worldwide. Initiated in 1999, iCampus is research collaboration between Microsoft Research and MIT.

The aim of iLabs is to allow students and instructors of science and engineering to carry out experiments from anywhere at any time.

Given the limited equipment at the university in relation to the number of students that have to use it the online laboratories are a practical solution to improving the practical experience a student has by interfacing with the equipment online.

Every semester the project sets up experiments for each year for various course units and deploys them online where the students can access them. The students have accounts which they use to login and get access to their class experiment which they conduct after which they are assessed and their scores computed automatically then made available to the respective lecturers.

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