My name is Muhanguzi Joel. I am currently a year 3 computer Engineering student at CEDAT. Training with iLabs has always been a wonderful experience.

First, I was introduced to simulation of circuits that is essential before actual physical construction of circuits. To do this I was using a National Instruments software multism, as you see in the picture below. That shows an op amp integrator simulation displaying the circuit construction with the input and expected output wave forms.

Arduino Micro controller

This is the most widely used micro controller for establishing embedded systems.

It is programmed using a computer with an IDE to upload given  code functionality that is used for executing various circuits connected to it using Serial communication as seen in the pictures.

Csharp Serial Communication with microcontroller-Arduino

Under this I was able to design a windows form that could be able to acquire data serially from an Arduino , display it to the user , they can save it and eventually display it in a graphical format

Just like you see in the image below.

Labview programming

Labview programming is a graphical programming language that is used for design of engineering systems .

It is used to also interface with national instruments hardware like NI Elvis Boards and also other micro controllers which creates a proper interface for making configurations to such hardware

Below is the graphical programming known as the block diagram.

The interface is known as the front panel just as seen below.

The Diagram above shows the physical construction of a circuit on a National Instruments prototyping board receiving power from an NI Elvis Board that is being interfaced on the ecomputer with the labview interfaces and graphical programming shown above.

The NI Elvis board is a very powerful instrument that we use for setting up Of the Online laboratories that are the core cause of ilabs@mak creation.

All the circuits predesigned by the team to set up an experiment working environment are loaded onto this device that supplies all the power needed , measurement tools and any sort of signal generation.

With all this hardware and software integrated , The learning experience for students can be moved from rather the conventional laboratories that face a challenge of sufficiency for all students to the iLabs labarotories that can be used by various students at the same time.

Controlling Arduino microcontroller with labview

This image shows a robot that we developed using the Nxt trobotics kit , the tetrix robotics kit and also using the Arduino microcontroller.

These components all put together enable establishment of a complex embedded system that we could program to suite certain needs of the users.

As for this case, it is a prototype for the upcoming Science And Technology Innovations Challenge orgainsed by iLabs@Mak where various schools from all over Uganda come to compete to participate in this competition that takes place every year.

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